Thursday, March 15, 2007

.Net / Java Interop (speaker Ted Neward)

The final presentation of the day was given by the track chair person and I was joined by my colleague Eric.

The session did not go as I expected and did not go into the features that normally pop up whenever interoperability is discussed. But it was a very lively and funny talk.

What was very nice, is the fact that Ted is an independent consultant who does both Java and .Net contract work. This makes him able to look at it from both platforms.

He pointed out some really simple but no less workable approaches to getting the .Net platform and Windows technologies to work together with Java based server solutions.

But more interesting, as I am reading a book about it at the moment, was Ted’s explanation of the impedance problem. That word does not ring a bell for people whose native language is any other than English but it still is a very interesting problem. It describes how hard it is to translate a domain model to a relational or hierarchical model and other combinations.

That concluded the first day of the conference and so far off to a good start.

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