Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dojo (speaker Eugene Lazutkin)

OMG .. do you know how Russians talk in the movies? Remember Drago in Rocky (“I must break you”) .. if so, than you know what kind of a dialect we had to listen to for an hour long.

First the “bad” …

It seems to me like Dojo is years back in time since all of the API look really procedural to me. Didn’t we quit that scene like … years ago?

Second, the “good” …

Akin to Bruce Johnson with his GWT toolkit, I really got the feeling that Eugene loves what he is doing and what Dojo has to offer. To me, that goes a long way since I would rather do something medioce but with passion than being on the cutting edge and hating everything I do. Sounds strange? Well, I know people who develop really complex and challenging software but under such pressure and so little appreciation, losing a lot of personal time doing work in the late, late hours. I would rather have a life, nice colleagues and a company that knows how to combinate fun with productivity than doing rocket science with a whip going over my back. Makes me think back to the articles about the Electronic Arts “widows”, women that we married or somehow lived with programmers that were worked like donkeys to produce software within a high pressure environment without getting compensation be it money, vacation days or what have you.

I love blogging as a therapeutic exercise, don’t you?

Eugene enumerated three types of applications you can write with Dojo: Web 1.0 enhancers (think updatepanels for all you .Net geeks out there), Web 2.0, and the holy-grail-app to some … the one page application.

Dojo comes with a lot – and I mean a lot lot – of Helpers for OO, functional programming, events, AOP, etc. There also is a normalized DOM to hide browser idiosyncrasies. Dojo calls custom events: Topics.

Sorry, I don’t have more to write but my head hurt from trying to understand what the heck he was saying. Tip for next year: one of those translation services like they have at the UN building.

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